December 30, 2013

This year has been bloody awful, I lost my mother in law, although ive seperated from karl im still close to his family. Possibly closer than I ever have been. Weve had a truely awful year. My mother in law Jeanette lost her very valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. Im determined to bring my boys up to be people she would be proud of. I know for a fact that she would be proud of every single one of her children

. My little brother In law blane got married and is now a very proud daddy to destiny along with his beautiful wife jas. My niece brittany is growing into a strong young woman who has far more sense than I did at her age.  Dave, my brother in law is due to be daddy to another little lee baby and karls girlfriend is going to.make my handsome boys brothers to another brother or sister. 

I fractured my ankle in April,  I’ve not driven for a while but am now starting to get back to normal. 

We had a very very nasty head on colllision with a drunk driver. We were so lucky tohave walked away and I really think we had several people looking after us that night. Ive never been so scared and angry in my entire life. It gave me a hell of a wakeup call. 

2014 HAS to be better than this year. I think we all deserve a break. 


When I grow up……

September 3, 2013

When I grow up......

“I want to be a scientist, not just a normal scientist, I want to be a mad scientist…… They have cooler hair!!!”
By Luke, aged 7

My most treasured things

July 24, 2013

I was asked today what my most treasured possession is, I couldn’t give one answer. This last year has taught me a lot. Its been fucking hard but I’m a year down the line and starting to come through the other side. I have two beautiful boys who make me smile, laugh, get frustrated and exasperated but most importantly proud EVERY single day. They are my most treasured possessions. My second thing is my house. Although technically its not mine, it represents everything that’s happened the last year. Its my space and my independence. To put it simply, I’m beginning to get my head sorted and I’m happier than I have been for a long time. 

Its Summer!

May 13, 2013

Its Summer!

And hopefully it will include more fun in the sun ice creams and days out (Not sure about auntie Vicky gurning though?)

What on earth have I raised?

May 13, 2013

I was happily minding my own business,  lighting the charcoal for the bbq last week and when I turned round this is what I was faced with!


Apparently its too keep the smile or their eyes.
Words really do fail me!

Right, wheres this soap then?????

May 13, 2013

Last weekend we went to my Mum and Dads caravan for a couple of days. Saturday morning we had the usual battle to try and get Jack to actually put soap on his skin. He spent ten minutes splashing around in the bathroom, came out and got dressed. As he finished I walked across to him and noticed that he still had half his breakfast round his mouth.

I asked him if he had used soap and he immediatly got defensive (A sure sign that he was fibbing)

He answered yes and we had a good minutes worth of arguing and me saying that I couldnt smell soap on him

I followed him into the bathroom and filled the sink up, wet the bone dry flannel and told him to crack on with it again. He got stroppy, again insisted he had used soap, folded his arms and said “right, come on then! Wheres this soap???”

Would that be the soap youve just spent ten minutes trying to convince me youve used jack?
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New year’s resolutions…..

January 2, 2013

it’s been a while(again) since I last posted bit one of my new year resolutions is to start posting more regularly again.

I can’t say I’m particularly upset to see the back of 2012 to be honest, it’s been a bloody awful year all round. The biggest change is that myself and Karl have separated, it was my decision and luckily he’s been fantastic and we’re still really good friends. The boys seem to be adapting well to having two houses and seem to be selling into the new situation well. I can’t say that it’s been easy, because something like this never is, however I think we’ve been still determined to keep things positive for the kids that it’s been as smooth as possible…..

I’ve learnt a lot these last few months, which friends are friends and those who really don’t deserve to be called friends, at the end of the day though it’s their loss.At the end of the day I have two amazing boys who are and always will be my priority.

On the subject of the boys, they are growing really fast, Jack’s in junior school now he’s 7 and Luke is in his last year of infants school.

Jacks fascinated by trains, anything to do with them. He’s got sets galore and one of his favourite places to visit is the round house at barrow hill, the other is the national rail museum, the home of his favourite train, the flying Scotsman…..

Luke is our little scientist, he’s like a sponge, constantly reading the widest grosseat science fact books he can get his hands on. they both make me laugh every single day!

only a short post today, an still busy busy street the new year…

hopefully by this time next year there will be more posts on here and I will remember to post more